Heinz “Get Well Soup” Social Media Campaign Returns

Heinz has rolled out its ‘Get Well Soup’ campaign for the fifth year running, so Facebook users are able to purchase a can of personalised soup from the Heinz fan page.

There are a limited number of cans available each day and with each purchase Heinz will give £1 to charity.

Campaign: “Get Well Soup”


Heinz knew its brand was front of mind when consumers thought of baked beans or ketchup and wanted this to extend to Heinz Classic Soups during the winter months, when people are more susceptible to getting ill.

The campaign was first launched in October 2011, but success led to a second phase in early 2012 and a further run later that year in November.

The Aim

The company wanted to build awareness and positive sentiment around Heinz Classic Soups in colder months using the simple insight that people eat soup when feeling unwell and it cheers them up.

Personalised products are hugely popular and as this is the fifth year Heinz has run this initiative it clearly sees good results.

Source: Heinz Get Well Soup CampaignSocial Media Campaign of the month


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