ANA Airlines: Take Off Mode App Eases Anxiety

ANA Airlines and their digital partner firstborn NY announced this week a new consumer engagement app called Take Off Mode. Taking advantage of newly unrestricted use of digital devices during takeoff and landing, the app offers a game experience intended to distract and soothe nervous fliers. I love the insight here and the acumen of this brand to really seize on a meaningful moment of engagement that just makes sense. It’s not interrupting and broadcasting to consumers, but partnering with them. From what I can see, the game mechanic is a little simple and I would wish for it to be more connected to the plane environment and the experience of take off. Granted there is a nice accelerometer usage that makes the game react during takeoff (which is pretty cool) but from what I can tell, the game is not built around that idea enough for my tastes. Regardless, I think this is a really great little project.

Source: ANA Airlines Mobile App


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