ShotTracker: Wearable Tech For Training

Connected everything in 2015 right? Yep. Here’s another. Sport. It’s a big one, and wearable tech will really step up a gear this year, so here’s one to kick it off…

It’s called ‘ShotTracker’ a wristband and net clip combo for Basketballers that tracks every shot made and missed. Analyses your game from every point on the court, and helps to work you through training sessions to improve your skills.

This is just one of many basketball or netball focused wearable tech pieces. With others like ‘Vert‘ tracking jumps, and if you move over to baseball you’d get SwingTracker, or Babolat for smart Tennis Rackets. It’s all part of a new buzz word called ‘Athlete Analytics’

Source: ShotTracker


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