Thai Life Insurance Social Media Campaign

Thai Life Insurance probably isn’t a very well-known company outside of Thailand, or at least it wasn’t until the marketing team published a heartwarming video in 2014 called “Unsung Hero.”

It started out as an advertisement exclusively in Asia, but once the marketing team decided to post it to YouTube, it took on a life of its own, garnering what is now over 24 million views and counting.

The video depicts a man being kind to strangers in a number of situations throughout his day, and also shows other people witnessing his acts of kindness and not really understanding why he is going to such lengths to help. As you continue to watch, you see why his efforts were not in vain.

We all love stories like this, because they appeal to our core human emotions. We are much more likely to share this type of content because as humans we crave to experience kindness, caring, compassion and so on with those we care about. It ultimately brings us closer and if it’s associated with your brand and spreads your name along in the process, well that’s a win-win for everyone.

Source: Thai Life Insurance Social Media Campaign


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