50 Percent Of Ad Agencies Not Sure They’re Getting Good ROI From Online Video Ads

Traditional ad agencies are increasingly interested in online video, but a recent survey reveals that half of those already doing online video ads aren’t sure if they’re getting good value from those purchases.

Strata Marketing, a media buying/selling software company owned by Comcast, recently released its 2014 4th Quarter Agency Forecast Survey. The company received replies from 80 of its client agencies in the U.S. — not a huge sample, but the numbers are still interesting.

For starters, interest in digital marketing at traditional agencies is on the rise: 81 percent said they’re more interested in digital advertising than they were a year ago. Meanwhile, 66 percent said they’re less interested in print than they were last year.

Facebook and YouTube topped the list of online channels agencies are looking at, with 96 percent of agencies saying they plan to use Facebook in client campaigns this year and 72 percent saying they’ll use YouTube.

But there’s a lot of uncertainty overall when it comes to online video and video ads. Fifty percent of respondents said “unsure” when asked about their confidence in getting good ROI from video ad purchases, and only 15 percent said they’re “very confident.”


The uncertainty extends to video ad targeting, as shown on the right above, with only four percent saying they “always” reach their intended audience, and 79 percent saying either “most of the time” or “sometimes.”

While these traditional ad agencies are more interested in digital advertising, their primary medium in 2015 won’t change: 44 percent say TV will be their top client focus this year, compared to 27 percent saying it’ll be digital.

Source: Digital Advertising


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