3D-Printed Hands Give Children The Power To Play

It doesn’t take a superhero to pick up a pencil, hold a baseball bat or use a pair of scissors, but the ability to do those things means the world to a child born without a hand

In an effort to save the universe, “Marvel Universe Live!” actors, Rice University engineering students and Shriners Hospital are starting with the youngest generation. They’re giving 3D-printed hands to kids who were born without them.

The project saves the patients’ families thousands of dollars in the cost of prosthetics.

“There’s a superhero in all of us, so they personify it as being big tough characters but the kids are superheroes because they’ve overcome so much. These are children that were born without fingers, without hands,” said Dr. Gloria Gogola, Shriner’s paediatric hand surgeon.

Source: Marvel Universe Live 


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