Facebook Ads App Finally Reveals Real-Time Reporting

If the most popular social campaigns of recent memory have taught us anything, it’s that advertisers and their agencies need to be as reactive as possible. Content which is delivered alongside relevant trending topics will almost certainly outperform the best creative built in isolation. The problem of reactivity is often seen as a creative one; being able to turn humorous or insightful content around in the timeframe that a topic is trending. But a hurdle often overlooked is the time it takes for paid promotion of content to be implemented.

A solution to managing social ads whilst on the move looks to have just been created by Facebook. The Facebook Ads Manager app allows users to create, manage and report on their campaigns from an iOS device. The release was a long time coming, with the Facebook Pages Manager app always proving too cumbersome to be an efficient ad monitoring product. For larger advertisers and agencies it means reporting can be seen on the go, with short-running campaigns able to be monitored in real time.

The greater benefit of the app release it seems, will be seen by SMEs. The app comes a month after Facebook’s UK SME recruitment drive, where it hosted a workshop entitled ‘Making Your Business Stronger’. It also follows the release of Hyper-Local targeting, a product designed to increase spend from smaller local businesses by providing more efficient targeting. It’s no secret that the approach is designed to convince more advertisers to the platform, however there are also benefits that can be utilised by agencies for their clients.

Creating, managing and reporting on real-time activity is a positive step and instantly beneficial for traditionally smaller budgets, with the larger campaigns still requiring the benefits of longer, desktop setup. The importance of reactive content and paid promotion is obvious and Facebook is making strides for it to become easier. The encouragement to create engaging, instant content is apparent and finally the social network is reacting to the need for reports in real time.

Source: Facebook Ads App


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