Suntory Hibiki Harmony Bar’s Interactive Whiskey Glass

Suntory Hibiki which means in “Harmony” is one of the best known blended whisky’s in Japan. Suntory wanted to share with the world Hibiki’s uniqueness and craftsmanship of Japanese blended whisky born from a fusion of tradition and innovations.

Hakudodo Japan created the world’s first interactive whisky glass by blending traditional Japanese design with innovative sensor technology. The invention of this brand new whisky glass, made of electric circuits reflecting the four seasons, is made in collaboration with traditional craftsmen and digital technologists. It represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, nature and technology, East and West.


Interacting with the glass, by touching it, tilting it, drinking from it and swirling the ice cubes creates unique seasonal experiences incorporating audio and visual effects. The glass affords people a new way of experiencing whisky with 5 senses.
Source: 3D ice Cube

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