Volvo Launches a Reflective Spray to Make Cyclists Safer at Night

Volvo is coming up with some ingenious design ideas to get drivers and non-drivers talking about the benefits of its cars at the moment. First there was Swedish Air, a “bottled air” concept designed to highlight its air filtering system. Now, the company and its creative team at Grey London have unveiled LifePaint, a special reflective spray that cyclists can spray on their clothes, backpacks and other items to make them more visible to cars at night.

LifePaint, which Grey developed in collaboration with Swedish startup Albedo 100, is designed to highlight the Volvo’s XC90’s safety features, in particular its Intellisafe satefy technology which includes a “pedestrian and cyclist detection system.” However, unlike Swedish Air, it’s more than a stunt, with a real, practical purpose. The product contains reflective particles that are invisible by day but will light up at night in the glare of headlights; to make it easy to use it is transparent, washes off fabric easily and does not damage it. It will be trialled in six U.K. cycle shops with plans for national and global rollout if successful.

Source: Volvo Life Paint


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