Peacock’s Plume or Hockey Puck? Paint Brand creates Colours for Men

Tutti Frutti, Cuddles, Peacock’s Plume, Pansy Violet. These are not paint chip names men will be thrilled about. On the other hand, Beer, Bacon, Dry Wall and Hockey Puck will likely get a mighty two thumbs up and an eager, “When can we get started?” In the interests of helping women get the colour they want with a name men will agree with, CIL Paints’ created a Facebook app and media campaign, ‘Paint Chip Names For Men.’

Campaign Summary:

  • Light-hearted Canadian paint brand campaign tries to win over men with more ‘manly’ paint colours
  • Facebook app invited people to create their own ‘manly’ paint chip names by renaming existing paint chips and entering the contest to win a ‘man cave’ makeover.
  • In 45 days, the small budget campaign got $1m in earned media exposure, 100m online impressions, a 10% increase in sales, and over 15,000 paint chip names.

Source: Paint Chip


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