Mc Donald’s 24 Gifts In 24 Cities In 24 Hours. Are you Lovin’ It?

On March 24th, McDonald’s launched a major global campaign that aimed to bring the world together by giving 24 gifts in 24 cities in 24 hours. This global campaign is a huge initiative that combines so many great ideas into one big one.

Sydney, Australia had the pleasure of a huge ball pit while Tokyo enjoyed a surprise photobooth that gave free McDonald’s. The people of Bucharest didn’t complain as they were too busy having fun getting lost in a large maze.

McDonald’s and advertising agency TBWA truly outdid themselves with this global initiative where each campaign should really deserve a writeup in itself. The day of the event they saw over 40,000 total #imlovinit mentions, which is 850 times more than the daily average and the campaign was trending globally on Facebook and Twitter. More notably it was the first time McDonald’s hit top ten worldwide conversation volume on Twitter.

Learn more about each campaign at

McDonalds Im Lovin It 24 8

McDonalds Im Lovin It 24 3


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