Campaign: Audi Takes SnapChat by Storm

Audi partnered with Huge and The Onion to become the first major brand to achieve a big Snapchat success, garnering one of the fastest-growing followings ever on the platform. The campaign helped Audi drive the most online conversation of any automaker on Super Bowl Sunday and comprised more than 30% of the online buzz about the brand.

By pioneering a new platform and a more intimate brand relationship with relevant content, Audi drove brand awareness among Millennials on both traditional and social media platforms, generating more online conversation than any of its competitors on the biggest advertising day of the year.

The campaign received 100,000 total views on Snapchat and generated 2,400 mentions on Twitter, reaching a total of 37 million social impressions. Thirty percent of all Audi Super Bowl conversation stemmed from Snapchat. The team manually added 9,600 followers to the Audi Snapchat account over 48 hours, reaching a total of 10,500 followers, pushing Snapchat’s ability to keep up with the volume of user growth


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