Oreo Debuts New S’mores Flavor in Quirky-Style Videos

Oreo is bringing the magic of the summer campfire to the everyday, with its new twist on the classic cookie – S’mores Oreo flavored cookies.To promote the Memorial Day product release, Oreo launched a tongue-in-cheek PSA campaign illustrating the great lengths people will go to for the treat – like building campfires at the office or on a golf course – and featuring S’morey, the “Unidentifiable Forest Creature.” The videos were designed to appeal to Oreo’s growing Millennial fan base, and feature a throwback feel inspired by 80’s cartoons.

While sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows is a summertime staple, sometimes when you want a s’more, it’s not always the best time to build a fire. One part badger and one part hare, S’morey’s mission is to put an end to these unnecessary campfires and help people see there’s a safer, easier way to enjoy the taste of a s’more just about anywhere – no campfire necessary.

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