How Lego Listened & Managed a PR Crisis!

LEGO experienced a lot of buzz around their brand on social when Greenpeace targeted the toy manufacturer for their marketing partnership with Shell. The environmental NGO was using LEGO to attack the oil giant’s plans to drill in the Arctic through a YouTube video depicting a pristine Arctic built from LEGOs gradually being submerged in oil. The video has attracted over 7.2 million views.

Take note, LEGO should be commended for how they dealt with the negative targeted campaign on social media. They leveraged the power of Twitter to be part of the conversation as is it unfolded in real-time. This provided LEGO the opportunity to communicate their values, and demonstrate their position on this issue.

This not only restored the brand’s positive reputation, but it helped to increase their interactions, capture new fans, and improve brand affinity which can lead to website conversions. Today, brands are living breathing entities with a company culture and value system. Choosing to ignore or leaving an issue unresolved in the scrutiny of the public eye can greatly harm a brand’s reputation and significantly impact their sales.

LEGO has decided not to renew its marketing contract with Shell – a partnership they forged in the 1960s – since the 2011 agreement for the distribution of 16 million Shell-branded toys at petrol stations in 26 countries valued at $116 million. The president and Chief Executive of LEGO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, stated, “As we expand globally, we are determined to leave a positive impact on society, and the planet that our children will inherit.”

Source: Social Report


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