Social Media Strategy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Considering Mobile Live Streaming Apps

Mobile live streaming apps are not just the latest social media trend but also a significant development in communication; bringing people literally closer. You stream yourself or your environment live and viewers comment in real time as though present with you. It demystifies distance and improves relationships between users as a result. Here are 5 reasons to integrate live streaming videos into your social media strategies for business.

1. Conversational Care

Social media has allowed for a more conversational tone between businesses and consumers. Live streaming video adds the extra element of feeling present in a conversation, this way communication is made more personal using a combination of voice and text. Queries are answered quicker in real time increasing consumer satisfaction.

2. Brand Personality

Live broadcasting is more powerful than readymade scripts and actors, viewers pick up the brand personality more naturally when they hear a spontaneous voice. It exposes the personality of your brand making it more real and relatable. The speed of each broadcast means they have less time to think and just enough time to feel. Emotions leave a longer impression of the brand making it memorable and meaningful.

3. Holographic Presence

It’s not so different than a hologram in the sense you are projecting a presence and allowing others to respond to your image live. Connecting with an audience through mobile increases your reach and removes geographic and device barriers. Increased interaction strengthens the relationship with all viewers, drawing interested potential clients to respond.

4. Reading Customers

Live streaming can fuse traditional and modern market research techniques to create more powerful and accurate insight. Traditionally marketing research would involve interviewing individuals through focus groups, research evolved with social media metrics and analytics. The concept of live streaming videos suggests face to face interviews can be carried out, perhaps more indirectly, on social media. Businesses can receive feedback in an informal manner that is often more telling of the consumer mind. They can analyse responses in the form of answers, body language and environment to further enrich market research.

5. Product Presentation

Live demos of a product however brief can increase the general familiarity of its functions and features. The exposure improves knowledge and understanding without having to travel to the customer. Video and live stream become more integrated, feeding the interests of many. Viewers can naturally use their imagination to understand how to use the product before even purchasing it. A live stream makes videos much more accessible, increasing reach and potential leads.

Live streaming video removes yet another barrier between users. It saves businesses precious time and resources which will impact overall success. Representatives can have more contact with prospective current customers. Increasing a company’s presence online improves both lead generation and customer service. Marketers can gain more sensitivity of the market by understanding users better in video communication, it gives them more data to use for judging their next move in their strategy.

Source: Social News

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