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Mark Zuckerberg  post on Facebook on June 11 at 12:59pm ·

Today we announced more details about the Oculus Rift, our virtual reality platform that’s coming in early 2016.

For the last three years, scientists, engineers and researchers have been working to build the world’s best VR system. Since joining Facebook last year, the Oculus team has been making rapid progress.

When you put on the Rift, you’ll be able to experience immersive virtual environments that create the feeling of ‘presence’ – like you’re actually there. You’ll be able to play games, watch movies and connect with your friends, all in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

Building the Rift meant solving a lot of really hard engineering challenges. We developed state-of-the-art custom display technology to create immersive visuals, and precise head tracking, so you can move naturally in virtual environments. We integrated high quality VR audio into the Rift to convince your ears that you’re really there. And we invested a lot of effort in making the headset light, comfortable and easy to wear. Putting on the Rift is as easy as putting on a baseball cap.

We’ve also been innovating in input, and today we presented Oculus Touch – a ground-breaking pair of wireless controllers designed for virtual reality that let you reach out and interact naturally with objects in the virtual world.

When the Rift launches, you’ll be able to begin experiencing some amazing games, apps, and entertainment that developers around the world are building for Oculus. But this is just the start, and in the coming years we expect to see incredible new apps and services being developed for VR.

We can’t wait for you to try the Rift, and to explore the new worlds yet to come.

 Source : Facebook

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