Grand Prix for Volvo Trucks in Cannes

Volvo Trucks’ marketing campaign The Live Test Series, including the well-known Epic Split film with Jean-Claude Van Damme, has received another Grand Prix at the “world cup of advertising” in Cannes. The campaign is rewarded for its long-term effectiveness.

“It feels fantastic to conclude the launch of our new product range with this award. The Live Test campaign proves it is possible to generate global impact even in a business-to-business environment like ours. This is a result of great teamwork, creative minds and a courage to do something new and different,” says Lars Terling, Vice President Marketing and Communication Volvo Trucks.

The Creative Effectiveness award at the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity is a highly prestigious prize that measures how a campaign has met or exceeded the campaign objectives. Unlike the other categories, the effectiveness award includes campaigns spanning a three year period, often featuring some of the most renowned advertising campaigns in the world. The jury consists of top-level names in the communication industry.

The Live Test videos have had more than 100 million views on YouTube and have been shared more than 8 million times. The videos demonstrate the innovative features of the new truck range in a spectacular way in order to create awareness of and demand for the new products. The series consist of 6 films (The Ballerina Stunt, The Technician, The Hook, The Hamster Stunt, The Chase and The Epic Split) and have only been released on YouTube.

Last year, Volvo Trucks received a record number of awards at Cannes, of which two Grand Prix in the film and cyber categories. The Epic Split video was recently also voted the fourth best commercial ever on YouTube. In total, Volvo Trucks became the most awarded advertiser in the world in 2014.




Source : Volvo


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