P&G “Intimate Words” Case Study

The “Intimate Words” campaign sought to empower indigenous women outside of Oaxaca, Mexico by finding a way to educate them on cervical cancer, which is currently the leading cause of death in their community. The problem? There are no words for the female reproductive system in the women’s indigenous language due to cultural taboo, leaving women unable to explain their symptoms and prohibiting them from receiving the treatment they need. To solve this, Leo Burnett Mexico enlisted the help of sociologists, doctors and linguists to work with the women and create the missing words.

“It’s fantastic being back at the Lions Health this year. Our performance in this emerging category gives a great deal of pride knowing that we continue to create compelling stories that truly impact people’s lives,” said Mark Tutssel.

Last year, Leo Burnett Colombia won the Lions Health Grand Prix for Good Award for “Cancertweets,” a campaign for the Colombian League Against Cancer.

Leo Burnett Mexico secured its first-ever Grand Prix for P&G Always “Intimate Words” at the 2015 Cannes Lions Health Awards. The “Intimate Words” campaign for Procter and Gamble’s Always brand also won a Silver Lion in the Health and Wellness category. Additionally, Leo Burnett France received a Gold Lion in Health and Wellness for its “The Eyes of A Child” campaign for Association Noemi.

“The Grand Prix for P&G Always ‘Intimate Words’ recognizes the power of transcendent ideas rooted in a deep understanding of human beings.

intimate word


Source : Cervical Cancer


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