Case Study: Wyeth Nutrition’s ‘See the World at Home’

Wyeth Nutrition develops premium nutritional products for infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Today Wyeth products are available across 6 continents, making them a real giant in this category.

In Hong Kong, parents are really busy; the population density is high and the pace of life is rapid; they face even more pressure than other parents when raising their kids. Parents in Hong Kong believe that a good education and a global mind-set are the keys to a better future. Unfortunately, they lack the time and resources to invest in their kids.



“In Hong Kong the category of nutritional products is very competitive. In order to gain market share, we needed to engage the parents, not just praise your product. Wyeth Gold had three main goals. Firstly, they position themselves as ‘parenting partners’. We wanted to reinforce that image. Secondly, it’s about engagement and lastly, driving the sales. Wyeth has different product lines and this app was for driving the sales of the ‘Gold’ line,” says Esther Wong, Greater China Group Creative Director at TBWA\Hong Kong.

As part of Wyeth Gold positioning itself as a parenting partner, the ‘Gold’ product corresponds to the various growing up stages and, the company claims, stimulates children’s development.

Parents in HK would like to see their children as “global citizens” and show them the world. Obviously, the best way to learn about the world is travelling, but this can, as we all know, be expensive!



Wyeth’s agencies, OMD HK and TBWA\HK came up with an integrated campaign. In the core, a mobile application – a Wyeth-branded game which the parent and child could play together.

Mobile is a good way to connect with the audience for every brand. But the choice of mobile apps is huge – and most people just do not care about branded apps.

Wyeth Nutrition decided to create a useful, educational app called ‘See the World at Home’. The learning tool featured the world’s most famous landmarks. Google Street View images enabled parents and children to get a good look at famous tourist attractions (for example Big Ben, the Taj Mahal) and learn the pronunciations of these places in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Kids were able to explore the landmarks in a 360 degree view. As we’re primarily talking about very young kids, their parents were there to discover with them. Other media helped to promote the app.

Esther Wong explains: “We had to understand our target audience – busy Hong Kong parents. If you go to the app, you learn different landmarks and their pronunciations. Parents can learn on the go with their kid all the time. Wyeth Gold branding was clear, but not intrusive.”

Esther Wong, Greater China Group Creative Director at TBWA\Hong Kong, on other marketing activities: “We did some outdoor media in the subway and also some print advertising to promote the app. We have special technology in the subway, which enables people to scan the outdoor ads with their mobiles and download the app immediately. It’s an integrated campaign in its essence.”


Naturally, Wyeth branding within the app was important. The players could win some free Wyeth products: successful players unlocked some “miles”, which could be redeemed for coupons, Family Day tickets and even a chance to visit a world landmark for real. The miles kept users engaged and made sure they’ll come back to the game over and over again. The brand introduced the concept of “the world is our playground” to enable the teaching of world cultures to children in kindergartens.


Hong Kong parents were clearly delighted with the app. It immediately entered the top 5 of most downloaded educational apps. The numbers are impressive:

  • 20,000+ app downloads, from 327 parents a day.
  • 60,000+ Flashcards unlocked, 13 countries explored.
  • 86 videos shared.
  • Over nine million learning miles earned (equivalent to 350 times around the world).
  • Press recommendations worth HKD 674,000 ($86,844).
  • Wyeth had a 30% growth in sales compared to pre-campaign period.
  • The customer survey also showed some good results:
    • Helped kids understand the world – 97% agreed.
    • Wyeth is a trusted parenting partner – 99% agreed.
    • Willing to recommend to other parents – 95% agreed.
  • Campaign ROI was 26:1.

As for the future, the agency still updates the app from time to time. Learning is a continuous process. Of course it all depends on Wyeth’s willingness to further invest in the project.



Brands must always deliver value; in general it’s a good idea to offer consumers something useful first before asking them to make a purchase. Consumers do not want to see direct advertising on their mobile phones, but if the app offers something valuable (in this case – the app was an educational tool), they will generally accept some advertising as well.

Esther Wong, Greater China Group Creative Director at TBWA\Hong Kong, agrees: “Mobile is a very powerful place for connecting with the audience. You have to make an app which is actually useful, which is engaging and has an emotional value. To show understanding of the audience, not just sell things. An app is not a way to sell products. This was about creating a bond between the parents and kids, because often the kids have a say on which brand they want to have.”

There is no point in creating a complicated, useless app. You have to make sure people come back to you. Many details play a huge role in this: strong insight, experience, design, gaming aspect and engagement level. ‘See the World at Home’ enabled parents to earn a reward just for playing the game. The miles kept them interested.

“We also understood that design, language and the overall experience is very important. It’s very hard to keep someone focused and make them come back to you. You have to create an ongoing value with the app,” adds Esther Wong from TBWA\Hong Kong.




Source: Best Marketing


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