Jurassic World Reigns For Fourth Week

Despite a push by its competition for the last two weeks, Jurassic World managed to spend a fourth weekend on top of the box office. Colin Treverrow’s dino sequel brought in $30.9 million for the three-day weekend, holding onto the #1 spot. The film now has $558.1 million domestically to make it the #4 on the all-time domestic list and $1.385 billion worldwide, ranking at #5 there. The film is now falling off at a more rapid pace than The Avengers was at the same point in its run, but may have received enough of a head start early on to surpass that film’s domestic total. At this point $600 million will be easily surpassed and Avengers’ $623.4 million seems achievable. The movie’s budget was $150 million.

Inside Out held onto #2 for the third straight weekend, coming in with $30.1 million. The animated film is staying about on course with other Pixar films, and brings its total to $246.2 million domestically and $363.5 million worldwide. The film will lose a lot of ground to Minions next week but is still on course for around $340 million domestically. The budget was $175 million.

Terminator: Genisys didn’t spark domestically like Paramount and Skydance hoped, bringing in just $28.7 million for the three-day weekend. That’s slightly below the $32 million or so that most people were predicting for the three-day run. The negative reaction to the previous entry, 2009’s Terminator Salvation, contributed to the lower number. So did this film’s critical reaction; it’s holding at just 27% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Paramount marketed this film oddly, revealing one of the film’s biggest twists as part of the promotion. They also rested a lot of their promotion power on Arnold Schwarzenegger, who hasn’t been delivering at the box office since he returned to the business after his political career. Audiences liked the film though, giving it a B+ CinemaScore, and the fact that it opened on Wednesday meant that its total gross to date is $44.2 million domestically. Overseas it added an impressive $85.5 million, a number Paramount is trumpeting as a higher start than Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol which finished internationally over $400 million. That gives it a worldwide first weekend of $129.7 million. Stateside it should finish off under $100 million, but the overseas numbers should bring it to a profit margin. The budget was $155 million.

If Terminator disappointed, Magic Mike XXL fell flat on its speedo-covered butt. The sequel to the male stripper drama finished with just $11.6 million for the three-day weekend, hugely down from the $30 million or so that was expected. By comparison, the first film brought in $39.1 million in its opening weekend. Ouch. While critics did enjoy this film (63% at RT), it was a milder appreciation than the first. Audiences gave it a great A- CinemaScore, but the film was simply engulfed by the other movies around the box office. Tellingly, the film fell 60.6% from Friday to Saturday, which is an enormous drop even considering the holiday. Magic Mike XXL opened on Wednesday much like Terminator and has a gross so far of $26.7 million. It may be able to reach around $65 million when its done, which will make it a profit on a $14.8 million budget.

While the two new entries should at least hit the black, Ted 2 is looking increasingly unlikely to do so. The film dropped a brutal 67% in its second weekend, down two spots to #5 with $11 million. Compare that to the first film’s 41% drop, which was a bit more standard for adult male-targeted comedies. The film has now grossed $58.3 million domestically and $94.3 million worldwide on a $85 million budget. At this point it should finish with around $80 million stateside.

Max was also down two spots in its second weekend but fell a more reasonable amount than Ted 2, dropping 46% to $6.6 million That number is still higher than the second-weekend falls for similarly-marketed films Hotel for Dogs (24%) and Marley and Me(33%). This suggests that the film’s muddled marketing attempts weren’t enough to overcome positive word of mouth from last weekend’s opening. The film has totaled $25.3 million and should finish with around $35 million to $38 million. The budget was $20 million.

Melissa McCarthy’s Spy was also down two spots to #7 with $5.5 million in its fifth weekend. The film now brought in $97.9 million domestically and $203.9 million worldwide. It should reach $115 million by the end of its domestic run. The budget was $65 million.

San Andreas landed at #8 in its sixth weekend, also down two, with $3 million. The film has now totaled $147.4 million domestically and $446.6 million worldwide. It’s still on course for around $155 million stateside; its budget was $110 million.

Entering the top ten for the first time at #9 was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which expanded into 870 theaters after three weeks of very limited release. The teen-oriented drama brought in $1.3 million, bringing its total to $4 million thus far. The film’s been marketed strongly with TV promotion and trailers that get the message across nicely; its final domestic numbers depend on how Fox Searchlight expands it from here, although $10 million seems possible it handled right.

Finally, Dope was down three spots to #10 in its third weekend with $1.1 million. The dramedy has now grossed $14.1 million and should finish with around $18 million. The budget was $7 million.

The total box office take for the weekend was $136.1 million, up 3% from last year’s $132.4 million. Last year was topped by Transformers: Age of Extinction’s second weekend at $37.1 million and Tammy’s $21.6 million opening.

Note: Numbers include Sunday estimates and are three-day estimates. A studio recoups 55% of a film’s grosses on average, meaning it needs to approximately double its budget to be profitable during its theatrical run.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Numbers)
1. Jurassic World – $30.9 million ($558.1 million total)
2. Inside Out – $30.1 million ($246.2 million total)
3. Terminator: Genisys – $28.7 million ($44.2 million)
4. Magic Mike XXL – $11.6 million ($26.7 million)
5. Ted 2 – $11 million ($58.3 million total)
6. Max – $6.6 million ($25.3 million total)
7. Spy – $5.5 million ($97.9 million total)
8. San Andreas – $3 million ($147.4 million total)
9. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – $1.3 million ($4 million total)
10. Dope – $1.1 million ($14.1 million total)




Source : Mania


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