Real-time marketing case studies from Southeast Asia

Today’s ‘always-on’ customers have new real-time expectations, so real-time marketing has never been more necessary.

Thankfully emerging digital marketing technologies and platforms offer an opportunity that was never before possible with traditional marketing.

Our new report published in association with IBM, The Real-Time Customer Experience, investigates how we define real-time marketing, how brands can get started, and the opportunities afforded by data and personalisation.

It also offers a glimpse of the future with case studies from forward-thinking brands in Southeast Asia that are already capitalising on these techniques.


Singtel used Twitter’s Promoted Trends as part of a one-day campaign to advertise its new 4G network.

The activity centred on the hashtag #Need4GSpeed and involved comedian Hossan Leong.

Twitter users were asked to share the scenarios in which they might require 4G network speed, and Leong then created short skits which were published on YouTube within 30 minutes.

In order to generate interest, Singtel sent personalised videos to prominent bloggers alongside using Promoted Trends.

In total the brand uploaded 23 videos, accompanied by many more tweets and images to keep the dialogue with consumers moving.

The results:

In just eight hours Singtel received a total of 1,400+ submissions to #Need4GSpeed, 450+ @Singtel mentions and over 500,000 tweet impressions. The campaign generated over 32,000 engagements and 1.54m impressions on the Promoted Trend day.

Daily brand mentions increased 17x over the daily average and traffic to SingTel’s 4G website increased by 39%.

The campaign generated so much content and conversation that the hashtag continued trending 24 hours after it ended.


Source: Consultancy 



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