Pepsi- Are emojis becoming marketers’ go-to global language?

Whether it’s a smiley face, a heart or a monkey covering its eyes, emojis have quickly become the go-to shorthand for expressing how we feel so it’s no surprise that brands including McDonald’s, Pepsi, Ikea and the World Wildlife Fund are picking up on the trend too.

People have become so obsessed with the tiny graphic icons that 17 July is now known as #WorldEmojiDay, the word ‘emoji’ is in the Oxford English dictionary and their use is so relentless that website, which records real time emoji use on Twitter, updates at such speed that it comes with a warning for epilepsy sufferers.

But is it a long-term strategy that marketers should be paying attention to or just the latest craze in communications?

The soft drink brand has also gone one step further and created its own #PepsiMoji keyboard, which it describes as “a nod to the importance of emojis in our everyday conversations worldwide”.




Source: Marketing Week



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