Motorola Moto X- Case Study


Motorola has a proud history of innovative, consumer-focused products. However, in a market increasingly obsessed with screen size and connected hardware, it needed to find a credible point of difference.

The Moto X was its chance: the world’s first truly customisable smartphone.

Contrary to the assumptions of many smartphone marketers, our young target audience is more interested in establishing a unique identity than simply owning a high-tech handset. With over 2,000 colour combinations, we saw an opportunity to make the Moto X an intrinsic part of our target’s very own, personal brand – so we set out to create a campaign that focused on the power of originality


Our big idea was to let people experience their colour in the moment. Traditionally static channels were turned into interactive, customisable experiences, reflecting and emphasising our audience’s passion for originality. For example, we created an interactive print ad for WIRED that allowed the consumer to physically change the colors of the phone on the page.

Elsewhere, our outdoor billboard used the sartorial flair of passers-by to dictate the colour of the Moto X displayed.

Online, we continued the theme by using consumers’ webcams to soak up the colours of their clothes and environment, changing the colour of the on-screen Moto X accordingly.  The personalised units were then made available for purchase online, making everything distinct, shoppable and shareable.


In spite of a select print run of just 150,000 special issues of WIRED magazine, our print campaign generated a huge social buzz. We garnered 72 million earned impressions in just 28 days, while our video met a phenomenally positive response from over 1.2 million YouTubers.

Despite Apple’s far greater media spend and product awareness, our campaign generated substantially more views than the iPhone 5S and 5C launch videos, emphasising the power of individuality over feature obsession.

Ultimately, the campaign delighted consumers and industry alike, exceeded our key aims, and completely shifted the terrain upon which smartphones are advertised. In other words, we passed with flying colours.



Source: Digitaslbi


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