NY Rangers take digital signage fan experience on long playoff run

After the NHL’s New York Rangers capped off a thrilling comeback against the Washington Capitals in a come-from-behind win in last night’s Game 7, the team will be taking its Rangerstown Hockey House — and its multiple digital signage engagements — on an even deeper run through the playoffs.

At more and more sporting events, stadiums and arenas around the country, digital signage is becoming a bigger part of the fan experience beyond the game. Whether it’s an experiential engagement at a national championship game or an interactive game during a run through the playoffs, digital signage is getting in the game.

At the Rangers’ home arena, the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Rangerstown Hockey House hosted by Chase Bank features more than 10,000 square feet of space featuring activities ranging from autograph opportunities to digital signage holograms that fans can interact with.

The attraction also features two MorphingStations from MVP Interactive that let fans take part in the NHL’s annual Beard-a-Thon without actually having to grow a beard. Building on the longstanding hockey tradition of growing a beard for the Stanley Cup playoffs, NYR Beard-a-Thon is an opportunity for fans to grow their own playoff beard and raise money for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, according to MVP.

With the MorphingStation, fans can instantly grow their own beard based on current players’ beards and hair. Using QR code technology, preregistered fans activate the photo engagement by scanning their mobile device over the designated area where their data (name and email address) auto-populates. Using a touchscreen, facial recognition and augmented reality, users can have their bearded image instantly taken and sent to their email for sharing across social media sites with the hashtag #NYRBeards.

mvp-rangers-640.jpg__640x360_q85_crop (1)

Source: Digital Signage

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