The banner that makes you like banners


Re-targeting banners keep coming back to you with the same thing, again… and again… and again. We love them, right? But what if we could get rid of the evil part of this technology and keep all the good. How? By using it for something we purposely stick in front of our eyes – Post-it Notes.


3M’s strategy was to take all the bad away from banners and allow internet users to write Post-It notes right within the banner ad and continue browsing. This meant that users would then be presented with their own personal notes instead of retargeting banners.


What may have seemed easy was actually a lot more complicated. It involved a smart script behind the banner that uses the same technology (cookies) that other companies use to target consumers, but with an interactive spin whereby instead of being presented with something that a consumer had looked at just once, they were seeing something that was entirely relevant to them.

Placements were made on a bunch of the most frequently visited websites so the Post-It stickers would appear wherever you were. If a user clicked on any of their notes, they would land on a Post-It page where they could create more stickers, manage or delete them all.


The result was more Post-It notes and less noisy banners. This campaign recently launched. Results to follow.


Source: Cream Global


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