Back me app


“You’re not prepared. Never.”
“You are terrified. Paralyzed.”
“When it happens… you can’t even think.”
“When someone attacks you, you don’t know how to react.”

Every night, three billion women come back home, alone. Most likely, afraid. Who said this has to be the way?


Always, the feminine protection brand that empowers girls to be unstoppable, decided to rewrite the rules in women’s protection, creating a tool for the ultimate self-confidence. BackMeApp, the new app that connects you with a friend, to protect you on your way home. By just synchronizing smartphones, your “guardian angel” will be ready to act for you.


Users of the app are able to track their route, through the app, send it to a friend and go. If something weird happened – a sudden change in the itinerary or a stop longer than two minutes – the friend would be alerted with a warning sign and ready to act. Once a user reached their destination, their friend is told by receiving a message.


BackMeApp was first launched in Israel. In just three months, the app was widely talked about in press and social media. The app has already received 1.8 million downloads and has 3,000 unique users every day, in Israel alone.

This campaign is being rolled out in more countries soon. More results to follow.

back me app

Source: Cream Global

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