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In 2012 Macmillan research found that people affected by cancer were in need of additional support with everyday practical tasks such as shopping, ironing or cleaning.

It also discovered that one in four people newly diagnosed with cancer in the UK lack support from family and friends, which equates to 70,000 people every year.

The main aim for Macmillan’s Team Up service was to create a region-specific, online marketplace which could help to provide practical support to people affected by cancer.

The project needed to empower cancer sufferers to seek help with day-to-day tasks from members of their local community. It was vital that the service was safe, easy to use, accessible and available across all devices.

Additionally, Macmillan needed to recruit more volunteers and appeal to a young
er demographic.

One of the main challenges would be recruiting early adopters to test early iterations. Another would be differentiating Team Up from other local Macmillan services.

Team Up used a series of digital practices to deliver real-world services within its pilot site of Brighton and Hove.

Macmillan embraced new technologies, running the project mobile-first and introducing pioneering software such as Veridu to verify user’s identity at point of registration.

Macmillan’s local development team worked in fortnightly agile sprints, raising and prioritising tickets before deploying changes.

A unique brand identity was developed to ensure Team Up had a distinct visual appearance, differentiating it from other Macmillan services in Brighton and Hove.

A dedicated Community Manager spent time working with local groups to sign people up pre-launch. Macmillan ran bi-weekly user testing sessions, to ensure members of the community fed into the project, to help build trust and loyalty in the service.

Team Up complemented the existing support offering in Brighton and Hove by sharing resources while offering something new.


Team Up has seen steady growth and by June 2014 had exceeded its registration KPIs (key performance indicators) by 40%.

In the offline world, tasks are on average connected to a volunteer in less than two hours. The initial target was a turnaround time of under three days. Tasks are carried out, on average, within two days.

And as of June 2014:

  • Team Up has had an average conversion rate of 8.4%
  • 67% of people who click ‘get started’ carry on to become a Team Upper
  • From step two of registration, 93% continue to complete their registration
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Source : Marketing Weak



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