case studies- value of customer experience -Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook wanted to establish direct relationships with its target audience, and particularly non-existing Thomas Cook customers.

The travel operator was also keen to have more influence in its customers’ online journeys and obtain a better understanding of their purchase lifecycle.

Thomas Cook launched a highly targeted lead generation campaign and travel survey to capture information on future buying intentions and specific customer requirements, which have a bearing on their decision to buy.

A nurture programme was also implemented to deliver individualised messaging and increase user engagement. Once the survey was completed, consumers were immediately presented with a choice of headline offers or redirected to the website.

Display retargeting tags were embedded into the campaign to enable Thomas Cook to deliver personalised display banners to respondents.

Once the nurture campaign had ended, the customer data, including all click affinity, response and survey data, was immediately fed into the Thomas Cook newsletter programme to become part of the overall new CRM strategy.


During the most recent campaign, more than 15,000 leads were collected.

Email engagement rates increased by more than 30% and open rates were twice the national benchmark average. Click rates averaged in double digits, more than three times higher than the national average, and far in excess of the standard newsletter program.

The results achieved just as much success from an ROI perspective, achieving an ROI of 7.5:1 in a three-month period post registration.

thomas cook

Source: MarketingWeak



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