Tracing and protecting online content becomes easier

Safety of your digital content is a hot topic nowadays. Digital asset management in our digital age is a very complex problem that is currently in the governments agenda all over the world.

Can you really upload your kids photos on social media and be sure they won’t be misused? How can you secure your files online or stop their unauthorised use? What happens to your digital data Relevant Products/Serviceswhen you’re no longer in life?

There are few players in the internet industry which indirectly address these issues but there is none so far that confronts it in the way the startup company Tracemyfile does. Tracemyfile’s approach is based on You owning your online content and You deciding if it should be public or restricted, where it should be published and how it should be priced. You are the one in charge of your intellectual property.

Tracemyfile offers simple user-friendly tools allowing every individual and every company to monitor and manage their content online. Functions and services include advanced file tracing (images, PDF, word documents, etc), id- and watermarking, restricting and blocking the unauthorised use of files, free price-tagging for commercial or non-commercial use, structuring and transferring files, storing files in the cloud Relevant Products/Services and managing them through a personal digital asset account. Tracemyfile works in cooperation with government experts in the digital asset management field. Tracemyfile aims to create a new internet standard for easier digital asset management and safer content sharing.

Tracemyfile will launch its full-scale operations in September 2015 and is currently making a share issue via crowdfunding in the US.


Source: Cio today


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