Five digital marketing lessons for young entrepreneurs


The world of digital marketing and advertising is massively complex, yet it needn’t be so. Here are some vital lessons that can assist in unravelling the chaos.

Follow the Money:

Be disciplined in ensuring you remain in touch with your current or future customer, they are your only source of success. Without a deep understanding of their fears, needs and desires you’re doomed before you’ve even attempted any messaging. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend days in focus group panels, rather have a snapshot of personas that you can easily distinguish as real people. Keep these front and centre as you start formulating your marketing strategy as they will ultimately become the most important people in determining your success.

Don’t be that person:

Take time to equip yourself with the fundamentals of digital marketing. Too many times, entrepreneurs shy away from understanding the “digital or techie” stuff. That’s the equivalent of not understanding the numbers in your business, its simply lazy and unavoidable. There are many resources, free or paid for, at your disposal to build your frame of reference or your success will be limited by what you know, with nothing remaining nothing. Obviously digital marketing doesn’t live in a vacuum and isn’t merely a channel, so pay attention to creating integrated marketing in the future which lives beyond “matching luggage”.

Building blocks:

Once you have a basic foundation, build on it. The future changes all the time. Take the time to self study, find a set of reference websites that keep you informed but don’t allow your vision to be blurred by the latest tech trends. Like a sailor seeks out the wind, you need to have an eye on your course, as well as ensuring you have the wind to get there.

Life’s remote control:

Focus on mobile. This cannot be repeated enough. Mobile has to be the route that your online presence is designed around first. Forget desktop and ensure that your customers can access all your content easily via mobile – it’s the remote control of our lives. It’s an interface filled with constraints and anomalies, so pay attention and spend time on the detail, it counts.


Analyse the impact on your business. There’s no point in confusing yourself with analytics that show you nothing, rather be data poor and insights rich. Understand what you’re spending on to acquire customers and deduct what you’re earning from them, simple maths. Yes, over time you can go deeper, but for starters you have to understand whether you’re getting bang for your media (read Google) buck.

The world has never before offered more opportunity to budding entrepreneurs, so grab it by the scruff of the neck and make it yours.

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Source :Bizcommunity 



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